Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Hoboken Real Estate Market Statistics

Here is a preview of the kind of statistics we will be posting each week. We are getting the format and presentation down. We have divided hoboken into 4 quadrants - NE, NW, SE and SW and show how price per square foot changes by neighborhood. We are also looking at a number of amenity combinations, elevator, no elevator, parking no parking, pool, gym, etc. So, please stayed tuned as more is coming. . . . .

The topline looks like the 'bottom is hardening'. The number of units for sale is down, fewer price reductions, fewer new listings. Maybe we can believe the news that we are starting to see the end of the recession? Let's hope these trends continue.

* 482 active Hoboken condo units today - 513 last week.
* 18 price reductions vs. 14 a week ago
* 12 dabos (under contract) vs. 13 last week
* 20 sold vs. 17 last week.
* 14 new listings vs. 21 last week
* 14 expired listings vs. 9 last week
* none withdrawn vs. none last week

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