Friday, May 21, 2010

New School Performance Link from Hoboken Real Estate

Click here for NJ's Public Website on School Performance

NJ reports on the performance of every school district in the stat.  You can look them up here.  Remember charter schools are also public schools but they are not unionized.  In general, charter schools have better performance because, parents will not compete to get into a poor charter school and poor performing charters "go out of business".

Hoboken has a number of private schools as well.  Performance data is not readily available and is more word of mouth.  I attend Hoboken's Board of Education meetings and have attended board meetings for some of the charter schools.  See my map link above for a view of Hoboken's schools.  Red icons are for public schools.  Blue is charter and private schools.  There is one purple square on the map where the Elysian Charter school is co-located with Demarest, a public school.

In addition to the school shown on the map, Hoboken is getting a new charter school in September called Hola - a bi-lingual immersion school.  All classes will be taught in Spanish and English.  They are started with Kindergarten and First grade in the Fall and will be adding a grade each year through high school. 

I am very involved so feel free to contact me with any questions about our schools in Hoboken.

Information Provided by Donna Antonucci
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