Friday, May 21, 2010

Hoboken Real Estate Monitor Introduces - Crime Statistics by County

Check out our new link to's crime statistics.

NJ Crime Statistics Website

You can peruse how crime level changes by area.  From time to time, I will analyze the statistics to help you make sense of it.  This site looks at crime statistics by county.

It can be cross tabulated with OCC census track data that categorizes literally every street in American by socio-economic bands.  The OCC does this so that it can make banks do a certain amount of community lending and provide deposit product access to groups that would otherwise not be able to afford banking products because of the fees or minimums that they would have to meet.  This is all part of the Community Re-investment Act that was passed in the late 70's when we had the last major banking meltdown before this recent mortgage crisis.  In the late 70's, the crisis was with the Savings and Loans institutions.  A savings and loan is a different type of bank charter than a money center bank like Chase or Citigroup so when the OCC allowed money center banks to buy failing Savings and Loans they obligated them to meet their community service via the Community Re-investment Act.

Net, net there is lots of data that can be used to inform you about socio-economic health and crime level of a particular neighborhood.  It can be hard to decipher on your own and from time to time I will synthesize it for you.

If you are considering an area and you have a question, please call me and I will be glad to walk you through it.

Information Provided by Donna Antonucci
Prudential Castle Point Realty

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