Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things Sellers Should Not Do After Their Unit Has Gone Under Contract.

There has been some talk about Seller's and what they need to do before closing.  Well, how about some of the things they should not do.   Here are a few things that could jeopardize the sale...
I had one client remove all the appliances when he moved out even though they had showed the property with the appliances.  "Well, there were none when I moved in and I had to buy them so they are mine!"

We all have clients that own something that is sentimental in value.  "My mom gave me this ceiling fan and so it does not stay."  "I understand Mrs. Seller, so you should take it down now so there is no problem later."  I had one seller take down 6 $200 ceiling fans and replace them with 6 Walmart $25 specials after the final walk thru was done the night before closing.  

Sellers should not change out Bathroom and Kitchen sinks with out the Buyers approval and telling their listing agent.

Sellers should not dig up flower bed plants...Flowers or Vegetables after you have a Purchase Agreement.  (Also make arrangements with the buyer about harvesting any garden produce before you just show up and pillage)

I have seen special door knobs removed.( Not Good ) 

I have seen Light fixtures removed. ( Also not  good )

I even seen a Seller remove a toilet seat cover! (WHY??)

"NO, you can't take the water softener unless the buyer agrees ahead of time!"

The Worst one I have encountered was when his appraisal came in $4,800 higher than the price he agreed to in the Contract of Sale, He...Took down front door light fixture, removed a retaining wall.  Dug up all the shrubs in the front of the house and was having a 4" diameter tree removed when I received the call from the Buyer's agent when they were doing the walk through the night before our 9 am closing.  When I asked him what he was doing, he replied..."Well, the house is worth more than I got so I am making up for my loss!"

Sellers...once that Contract of Sale is signed,  if it's attached and not  free standing, if  it is planted in the ground, if you would be upset if the home you were buying had the same article and it disappeared then don't take it!!!!!

Provided by Donna Antonucci
Prudential Castle Point Realty

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