Monday, May 16, 2011

Rent Leveling Tenant Disclosure Issued by the City of Hoboken

Rent Leveling Disclosure

The city issued the required disclosure. When the city passed the Ordinance they had to develop this disclosure.

This disclosure has to be given to all of new Tenants who are in a rent controlled unit. They have two years from issuance and receipt of this disclosure to make a claim.

Not all buildings are under rent control. Buildings constructed after 1992 have a 30 year exemption.

Here are other related articles on rent control and leaseing. - The link above is for the amendment that pass in March. - This link contains the original Ordinance which has now been modified.  You will need to look at the original ordinance and compare it to the amendment to understand what has changed.  The balance of the original ordinance is still in effect.  - This is an article regarding leases that may help you understand the impacts of the ordinance along with other things to consider as a Landlord or Tenant when signing a lease.

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