Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Q1 v Q2, Discount off Original Price, Avg Square Footage by Bedroom, Avg Number of Days from Listing to Contract

As a realtor in town, I feel compelled to know my market and take an analytic focus on the local market conditions.  Real estate is extremely localized and each market behaves differently.  Hoboken continues to do better relative to other areas.  In fact, it has had the least amount of decline in the state but it is not insulated from our sluggish economy.

According to Summer Market Analysis, in first quarter home sale was normal. Year took a slow start. January was lowest home sales month in first quarter and March was highest home sales month. 

2 bedroom unit homes sales were on first place in the whole quarter. In the whole first quarter 1 bedroom unit homes were having highest price per square feet and average discount. 2 bedroom units were on second place. 

Now look at the second quarter of 2011. 2nd quarter had the highest homes sale of year.
Second quarter 2 bed units got highest sales and 1 bed room unit got highest average discount. Average price per square feet was a little high in second quarter. Average homes price were having mix trend in second quarter.

July and August were lowest home sales months. In July and August, 1 bedroom unit sale was on first place and got highest discount on average.   1 bedroom unit homes got highest average price per square feet.

Information Provided by Donna Antonucci
Prudential Castle Point Realty


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