Friday, June 14, 2013

JC, Downtown Weekly Stats, Ending June 12th, 2013

PPSQFT calculated using condos only.  However, only 1, 2, and 3+ bedrooms are shown on this chart.  The difference between 100% and the total percentage shown by neighborhood equals the excluded studios.  1-4 families are excluded from this analysis.

22 Properties came on the Market This Week vs Last week 33


19 Properties Went Into Contract This Week vs 9 Last week

174 total active listings are on the market as of the date of this post. 214 are under contract.

(You must log-into the search engine and search pending and sold listings to see these property details)
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The Absorption rate this week is 17.40 weeks. See the attached picture of the absorption rate over time.  The absorption rate is a number that describes how many weeks it will take to see off the current inventory at the current rate of sales.  We had 10 closings this week and we have 174 active listings.  So at the current rate of 10 closings per week, it would take 17.40 weeks (174/10) to sell off the current inventory.  See the chart attached as a photo to see how absorption rate has fluctuated over time.

The absorption rate is often thought of as the factor that indicates if we are in a sellers' or buyers' market.
Generally if there is more than 4 months of inventory it's a buyers' market.  Less than 4 months it's a sellers'market.  Prices are down but so is the inventory.  

Another key factor is listing date to contract.  See the quarterly review and consult an agent.  Outlyer scan skew these numbers.
See the embedded document below for Price Per Square Foot by bedroom and neighborhood so you can understand how location effects price.

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