Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Would You Like to See What Homes Actually Sold for In Your Area?

Each week I calculate the Price Per Square Foot for my weekly statistics.  I calculate this for public consumption using all ACTIVE condo listings.

The MLS and Agents do not release actual SOLD data in the public domain but what something actually SOLD for is the real indicator of what it's worth.  A seller can ask what ever they want for their property ... but what it sells for is what it's worth.

Would you like access to actual sold listings?  I provide access to my customers to SOLD listings.

If you are using my agency services, it's included as part of my brokerage services.  If you would like peruse the SOLD data in the comfort and privacy of your home, I offer it to subscribers through my Virtual Office Website service.

Subscribe to SOLD Listings for $20 per month.  Go to the search engine, create an account and click on "+ More Search Criteria" in the search criteria section.  Select "SOLD" listings.  The following Paypal button will come up.  Subscribe today.

Create a search engine account here.

Then select "Sold" Listings in the "+ More Search Criteria" section.  The following button will appear.

$20 per month

Donna Antonucci