Monday, February 17, 2014

The Hamptons.... The house from "Something's Gotta Give"

With all this snow I can't help but think of Summer.  I can't wait for those days where I get to go to the green grocer and make dinner for all of my friends.
I had planned on doing a post on some of my favorite Movie and TV interior sets in the coming weeks but after watching the 2003 film  “Somethings Gotta Give” (which is right up there at the top of my list), I decided I would do a separate post on this today as I think it deserves it! I am very fond of this light hearted rom-com with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton but I have to confess it was the movie set that stole the show for me! And it seems I am not the only one..this movie has attracted the attention of top magazines and websites in the design world and variations of its design has been replicated and interpreted by many. Production design was by Jon Hutman and set designer was Beth Rubino.
I am a big fan of the writer, producer and director of this film, Nancy Meyers as she has directed some other favorite movies of mine with equally amazing sets including “The Holiday”and “It’s Complicated”. She has said that the sets in her movies, including this one are characters in themselves and they really help to build the character’s personality to the viewer.
The movie for those of you who haven’t seen it (and if you haven’t I would highly recommend renting it!) is about two successful people finding love later in life. Diane Keaton’s character, Erica Barry, a famous playwright is spending the weekend at her beautiful beach house in the Hamptons, with her sister when her daughter Marin (played by Amanda Peet) arrives unexpectedly with her new 60 something boyfriend Harry played by Jack Nicholson. After an awkward dinner Harry suffers a heart attack while gettin’ jiggy with Marin and is rushed to hospital. Harry is ordered by his doctor (Keanu Reeves) to rest somewhere closeby so he ends up staying in Erica’s house. During his stay at her home, the two get to know each other and after a few bumps in the road, they fall in love. So the whole film is pretty much filmed in the beach house and that is why the set design was so important. Nancy Meyers said in an interview with Architectural Digest that before shooting would begin first thing, she would spray some sun screen around for that distinctive beachy smell to give the actors a real sense of being at the beach. It was important to her that the actors actually felt like they were at the beach!
Here is a shot of the beach house as Harry & Marin drive up…

We are told that Erica is a very successful playwright so it was important that her Hamptons House reflect that. Set designer Beth Rubino explains that even though we only see two bedrooms, the kitchen, living room and dining room which could easily have been shot as a beach cottage, they felt Erica should have a grander, larger house with customised furniture and original artwork because she could afford it. Erica mentions in the film that the house was a gift to herself after her divorce.
The living room from this movie is beautifully arranged and decorated with white walls, dark hardwood floors, slip covered sofas and a large nautical inspired dhurrie rug in a beautiful blue and white ticking stripe. There is a real coastal vibe in this room thanks to the soothing shades of blue and subtle seaside decor. The room is drenched with natural light from the wall of  windows and doors and the large arched window in the double height space.
This shot shows some coral and white pebbles Erica has collected over time along the beach elegantly arranged on her sideboard which add to the beachy coastal vibe.
This is from the other angle. You can see books in the upstairs mezzanine and also on a book shelf over the door on the left. We barely catch a glimpse of the bookshelves in the mezzanine in the movie but the set designer wanted the house to feel completely real. The attention to detail in this film set is incredible. There is no question that the owner of this home is fond of books! I love the Swedish Mora Clock and how the furniture is arranged in this room. I also love how there is no TV in this room.
A close up of the library corner of the room.
This is the view walking into the house. It really shows the scale of the room and we get a glimpse of the window in the double height space..
I love how bright, airy and fresh this room looks.
Moving into the kitchen we see the same neutral, fresh palette. This kitchen design inspired millions of homes worldwide and really set off the trend for simple white kitchens with variations on its layout and design.
The kitchen featured white shaker cabinets, simple black metal cabinet hardware, matte soapstone counter tops, stainless steel range & hood, subway tiles, farm house sink with the most beautiful taps ever from Waterworks, glass fronted upper cabinets with beautiful timber supports. Another thing I love about the kitchen are the hardwood floors. Personally I love timber floors in a kitchen, I think they add so much warmth to the room.
Here’s the dining room.. love the beadboard back panel of the built in cabinet and the mixture of ironstone plates and platters. The seagrass rug is another lovely coastal touch.
Now….on to Erica’s amazing bedroom. I love every single thing about this room.
What struck me was the amount of chairs she has in her room! It’s unlikely they would ever all be filled but they certainly look fantastic. She has not one but two sets of patio doors leading onto her pool deck!!
A close up of Erica’s desk. What an inspiring place to write- overlooking the sea! I love how she has fresh flowers nearly on every table in her home!
I wish they had shown more of the house in the movie but I hope you have enjoyed visiting this beach house! I would love to hear what you think of this house? Do you favour this New England style of decorating? If you do, I am going to do a post on how you can re-create this kind of look in your own home if you would like to take a look.

Information Provided by Donna Antonucci