Tax Appeal Tool Service

Would you like to appeal your property taxes but don't want to give an attorney a third of your savings? 

Want to appeal your taxes on your own and all you need are the right comparables sales?  The deadline for filing is April 1st ie the paperwork has to be received by the county by April 1st.   

The number one reason why a tax appeal fails is because the applicant does not have comparable sales that demonstrate the current value of the subject.  It's not enough to find a unit that is the same size in the same town that is at a lower price point.  In a walking town, like Hoboken, proximity is extremely important as is condition, building style and amenity.  The comps are at the core of proving your home is over assessed and therefore warrants a reduction.  

I am not an attorney and do not offer advice but what I can do is provide access to the tax appeal forms, the government provided instructions and access to comparable sales so that you can apply for the appeal yourself.  I did it myself and saved over $1,100.

Attorneys typically charge 1/3 of your savings which can be substantial depending on the size of your home and the decrease in value.  Attorneys can represent you at the appeal but often times still ask you to find your own comparable sales.  Appraisers charge $350 - $450 and may go with you to the appeal not as your representative but as an expert on property valuation.

I represented myself and won an approximate $1,100 reduction of my property taxes and my place is small -  585 square feet on Washington and 10th in Hoboken!  If I hired an attorney that would have cost me $363 and potentially another $350 - 450 for the appraiser.  I would have been left with only about $290 in savings - frankly not worth the time to bother.

Don't be afraid to represent yourself.  The instructions are self evident.  It's a simple 1 page form.  See below.

  Please call 201-240-6832 or email me at today, to make an appointment. 

The deadline for submitting your tax appeal form to the County Clerk is April 1st and the comparable sales must be dated before October 1st if the previous year.

Here is the form and the instructions:

Tax Appeal Form                                                           

Information Provided by Donna Antonucci